Auto Finance Basics

What is credit? 

    Quite simply, credit is borrowed money that is paid back overtime with interest. There are many types of credits, but we'll be focusing on the basics today. Hit the play button below to watch Lilly explain credit and how to check your credit score! 

Should I Buy or Lease?

    There's some pretty big differences between purchasing a vehicle and leasing a vehicle. So how do you pick which one will work for you? Lilly brings up some great points on what to consider before making the decision. If you still have questions after the video, feel free to get in touch with one of our Sales Consultants for more information! 

What Happens at the End of my Lease?

   All good things must come to an end but they don't have to be over forever! Lilly explains the 3 different options you have at the end of your lease, and what the dealership will look at when you return the vehicle.